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CEC fantasy league season 3 Leader board after 6th ODI

CEC fantasy league season 3 Leader board after 6th ODI

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yoga at CEC, IBM, Cannonical Ltd. & UN Personnels visit CEC Campus, CAMPION 09, SUMMIT 09...

Hi all,

Yoga classes for the final years have started by Mr. C R Ajith Sen, Lr. in Physical Education, Sl. Gr. The students have opined that the classes are going well and they have found it to be very useful in the initial phase itself, to get relaxed off the hurry-berry of professional education. "It gives mental and physical relax for me with in these 4 days of practice", said Jishad A V (2006-10). Ajith Sen sir is an internationally certified trainer.

On 30-Jul-2009, personnel of IBM, Cannonical Ltd. and United Nations visited the college campus and gave a joint-lecture on IT-trends, Open Source, etc. This is a joint venture by the aforesaid organizations and they've launched it in CEC, for the first time in Kerala. The lectures were from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM and have been found to be very useful to the attendees. May be, CEC could make a big leap out of these contacts... Contacts from Cannonical Ltd. was obtained through Mr. Manoj Iyer (CEC 1994-98), who's a kernel engineer there. Thanks to him.

CAMPION 09 works are going well. Minutes of meetings shall be updates soon.


SUMMIT 09 publicity secondary level starts this Monday. Alumni is requested to kindly check their inbox, and if they've not got a mail from us, kindly take this as an official invitation by your juniors to the event. Kindly provide us with some good contacts of resources for the events, if any, and of course, financial assistance. Contact us:

Some "archeological items" of IHRD shall be moved to CEC from a polytechnic at Calicut. It shall be a treasure for our college and shall be used for SUMMIT 09 also. It shall remain in our college itself, even after SUMMIT 09. It includes, old big PCs, disks, etc.

TIME, a management institute conducted a mock test for S5 students on 30-July-2009. Most of the students have attended the exam, which ran with the help of TPC.


Arunanand T A,

2006-10 CS.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

SUMMIT 09, CAMPION 09, New Branch in CEC - EEE, CEC ranked best 7th Engg. College in Kerala, and many more....

Hi all,

It's after a short vacation I have come up with a new post. Well, some incidents have taken place in CEC, which I am writing below:

Classes commenced on July 1st. There are so many happy news this time. A new branch in B.Tech has been allotted for CEC - Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Yea, CEC is waiting for EEEians now...

CEC has been rated as the best 7th Engineering Colleges (among Govt. Engg. Colleges) in Kerala (Source: The survey conducted by NIT-Calicut Alumni). Link is here:

Campion 09 works are going on... Thinking of starting a page at: . The CAMPION 09 team has spoken to Mr. Jofin Joseph of 2006-2010 CS, the webmaster of CEC, to take necessary actions for the same.

SUMMIT 09 sponsorship works are going well. However, CEC can't go ahead without the help of our seniors and the alumni... Updates are posted to the group: . Publicity is yet to start. Visit:

The academic calendar of CEC 2009-10 Odd Semester is available here and at downloads of this blog.

Mr. Madhusoodhanan Nair (Physics) of our college has been awarded Ph.D.

Ms. Smitha Dharan (HOD (CS)) is supposed to join the office back after her Ph.D programme this month. Mr. Jyothi Raj (HOD (EC)) has already returned and has taken the charge of his office.

Seminars and main projects have started. From this year onwards, CUSAT has allotted 50 marks for project design in S7 itself, to ensure proper planning of projects. Some models and guidelines of Seminar Reports are available at the downloads of this blog.

Anoop Thomas Mathew of 2006-2010 CS is now a Red Hat Certified Engineer.

More news follow... stay tuned...


Arunanand T A,

2006-2010 Computer Science and Engineering,