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CEC fantasy league season 3 Leader board after 6th ODI

CEC fantasy league season 3 Leader board after 6th ODI

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Big Fight-1: Women Representation

Year after year we pick our student representatives through election or unanimously. These elections are one of the most important aspects of our college life and these representatives are ones who leads us in all major activities in the next one year. The very basis of a student body is to represent the students irrespective of their age, gender or stream. 
Isn't it strange that only one woman representive from a batch gets a place in the senate? 

I believe with more women brought to the leadership positions, we will be setting example to the society which generations after generations have held women as second grade citizens(the situation is changing now). In our college, 'women in engineering' is limited to just IEEE and other than the Women's day celebration very few women take an active part in organizing other college programs.

So here's is the question:

1. Isn't it high time we change this senate election rule so as to allow one girl per class in the senate? 

2. Do you think there should be a Women in Engineering group in our college and not just in IEEE?

Please post your opnions/comments/suggestions. Interesting comments will be posted along with the article later.


Koshy said...

I like the idea, it is definitely a nice way to think for the upliftment of women. All should be encouraged to think on these lines!

I came to this blog, through my friend PT, thanks PT!


Arunkumar PT said...

I strongly recommend Vineet; I guess we need to streamline the current election system in CEC. But the most important problem is like Women itself need to take the initiative for the same, sorry to say this is not happening now.
Yes Vineet, there should be some activities/groups that involves more woman leaders apart from IEEE.

Anonymous said...

by increasing the number of women in senate how is it going to improve the working of senate or college programs? anyway for organizing program we have to stay late in college..will the girls do that?!

arunta007 said...

Hi all,

I am happy to see that PT Chetan's blog has become an online rendezvous for all CECians.

Regarding the post, I am afraid that the post has come out of some misunderstanding of the senate rules of the college. As far as I understand from the currently existing constitution, it doesn't say that only 1 girl must be selected to the senate. I think it would be okay if I describe it here:

1. There are 7 executive senators, out of which one post is reserved for girls. But it's not instructed that the rest 6 posts are for boys.

2. There are one representatives from each class. As you all know, there are two reps in every class - one boy and one girl. One of these will be sent to the senate as a rep of the class. There's no such restriction that it should be a boy. Even then, to ensure the representation of girls in senate, it's mandatory to include a special girl member from each year, apart from the class rep. It's the same case with the current Indian Assembly System. Also, as in bus, there're seats reserved for women, and other seats are general seats, as far as the constitution is concerned.

Thanking you,


Arunanand T A,
2006-2010 Computer Science and Engineering.

vinjk said...

thanks for the clarification. if that is the case, then i guess we need to expand the senate to accomodate the other girl reps as their voice is as important as that of the boys.
by giving more girls a sense of responsibility, i believe they will be motivated enough to take active part in the process.
@PT & koshy
thanks for the support and suggestions