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CEC fantasy league season 3 Leader board after 6th ODI

CEC fantasy league season 3 Leader board after 6th ODI

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CEC SUMMIT 09 Mascot by Anoop Thomas Mathew, 2010 CS

Hi all,

Here's the first sample of SUMMIT '09 Mascot Intro, done by Anoop Thomas Mathew ( of 2010 CS. Just neglect the '08' instead of '09', as it's first prepared for SUMMIT 08. As of now, dates of SUMMIT 09 will be declared within a week, most probably it shall be in the second or third week of August 2009.

Hope you all enjoyed it... Comments please

Keep visiting ongoing CECians blog at: for updates...

SUMMIT Website:

SUMMIT Unofficial Blog:

P.S: Hope you all know, at first, SUMMIT was decided to be conducted in 2008, but due to some technical problems and special supplementary for 2009 batch, it had to be postponed to 2009.


Arunanand T A,
2010 Computer Science and Engineering.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wedding 2008 B Batch : Bindu S Weds Sarath

Thanks Libin.K.Philip for sharing this photo...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

CEC's New Google Group - All CECians Please Join

Hi all,
Here's the new google group of CEC. It's a Group of all students of College of Engineering Chengannur, Alappuzha District, Kerala State, India - 689 121.
Not only the Alumni can apply, but all students of CEC are requested to join and get connected.We've created this group so as to get all CECians connected and hope that this will serve as one. The Yahoo group of CEC will continue to contribute, especially for Job Opportunities. But this Google group enables all CECians discuss everything about CEC.Kindly forward this to all your frineds in CEC as well as to those groups, where you're the owner/manager, if any.


  • For Joining this group, use your frequently-used ID so that you can always keep yourselves updated.
  • After Joining, change your nick name from your e-mail ID to your original name. This helps others recognize you easily.

(For doing so, go to the "Edit Membership link on the right Hand side)

  • Join CEC's Orkut Community at:
  • Subscribe to the SMS Gateway of entire CEC at (Only important postings regarding CEC; this group includes both ongoing students and pass-outs from the very beginning of CEC):

or by sending an SMS as ON CECONLINE to the number 09870807070.

(Then you will receive a message to confirm subscription. For confirming, just reply to that message with ACCEPT)

Best Regards,

Arunanand T A (Group Owner),

2006-2010 CS

P.S: Those who want to be the moderator of this group, kindly send a mail to arunta007 [at] gmail [dot] com

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter-Vishu Wishes wishes you a very happy VISHU and EASTER....

Wedding : 2007 Batch : Archana & Mithun

Date : Tuesday 25th December 2008.
Location : Akash Convention Centre,Kanjangad.
For more pics clickhere wishes you a happy married life.

Wedding: 2007 Batch : Roshni and Ebi

Date : Sunday 4th May 2008.
Location : The Shrine Basilica of our Lady of Dolours(Puthanpalli), Thrissur .
For more pics, click here wishes you a happy married life.

Wedding : 2007 Batch : Elsa & Thomas

Details are not available as of now, if you have more pics send to me. wishes you a happy married life.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Women in College Senate - A CECian's Reply(Posting on behalf of Thahsin)

Thanks Mr Muhammed Thahsin (2001-2005 EC) for sharing your view.... read it :
Dear CECians ,
Glad to see some of our guys (am not sure if ladies too) want larger representation of women in college senate. I believe the crux of the problem to address here is do women in general want to actively represent the college senate? If yes ,whos stopping them? I will say whats stopping them.
1. The mindset of the CECians. If they can win over the confidence of the CECians (boys and ladies ) to represent us in Senate then ,sure. Let them represent us. If there is opposition,let them contest elections and see the result.

Getting elected to Senate is not like reserving seat in a Bus and lets not get into how the constitution works. The less said the better . So reserving further seats for ladies in the senate , I wont suggest . Please dont get into the impression of me being a male chauvenist. If we start a restructuring of the current senate, please bear in my mind that structure is going to be in place for years to come. Even after the current crop of students pass out. The mindset changes and later on we cant be sure whether ladies would want effective participation in the college senate. So lets just stick with the tried and tested system. If ladies want to represent fine!!! Go ahead and represent for the current Senate posts and prove they could actively work for the CECians day in day out. I am not saying all the guys who representd the Senate did justice to the posts. But i believe within the current system itself , for all the activities in college both guys and ladies work effectively. If ladies want college senate posts,let them compete for it. If they win for the posts ,whos stopping them from working in the senate.

Having said all these,the current crop of guys and ladies know whats best for the college and how to run this. I am telling my point of vies from my days in college. So all of you have a blast and enjoy the election days!!!!

2001-2005 batch EC

Friday, April 3, 2009

Women in College Senate - My Reply

Hi all,
I am happy to see that PT Chetan's blog has become an online rendezvous for all CECians.
Regarding the post below, I am afraid that the post has come out of some misunderstanding of the senate rules of the college. I have posted this post itself as a comment to the post below. But, I would like all of you to understand the real situation. As far as I understand from the currently existing constitution, it doesn't say that only 1 girl must be selected to the senate. I think it would be okay if I describe it here:
1. There are 7 executive senators, out of which one post is reserved for girls. But it's not instructed that the rest 6 posts are for boys.
2. There are one representatives from each class. As you all know, there are two reps in every class - one boy and one girl. One of these will be sent to the senate as a rep of the class. There's no such restriction that it should be a boy. Even then, to ensure the representation of girls in senate, it's mandatory to include a special girl member from each year, apart from the class rep. It's the same case with the current Indian Assembly System. Also, as in bus, there're seats reserved for women, and other seats are general seats, as far as the constitution is concerned.
I am having S6 University exams now. Catch you all later. And thanks to PT for making me an author in this blog.
Thanking you,
Arunanand T A,
2006-2010 Computer Science and Engineering.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Big Fight-1: Women Representation

Year after year we pick our student representatives through election or unanimously. These elections are one of the most important aspects of our college life and these representatives are ones who leads us in all major activities in the next one year. The very basis of a student body is to represent the students irrespective of their age, gender or stream. 
Isn't it strange that only one woman representive from a batch gets a place in the senate? 

I believe with more women brought to the leadership positions, we will be setting example to the society which generations after generations have held women as second grade citizens(the situation is changing now). In our college, 'women in engineering' is limited to just IEEE and other than the Women's day celebration very few women take an active part in organizing other college programs.

So here's is the question:

1. Isn't it high time we change this senate election rule so as to allow one girl per class in the senate? 

2. Do you think there should be a Women in Engineering group in our college and not just in IEEE?

Please post your opnions/comments/suggestions. Interesting comments will be posted along with the article later.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wedding : 2006 A Batch : Nicy Weds Praveen

Date : Saturday, January 10th 2009
Location : Changanacherry
Stay tuned for more pics.. wish both of u a Very Happy Married Life and all the success in this beginning of New journey.